Smartphone Video Training in Education

Video drives education 

We offer a range of teaching to schools and educational organisations. We offer classes that empower the students with the knowledge to create their own stories infusing the traditions of film making with the phone they have in their pocket.


Not just film making. We bring easily accessible technology into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. Want to learn about the weather?...use a green screen to allow the students to experience this weather first hand.

We are offering onsite teaching to students and teachers to create video using their phones. Its about learning through creativity and using mobile phones makes video accessible to everyone 

Emma Fagan, PR 

I found the Video-making workshop an excellent intro into creating content for smartphones. Rob provided all the tips and equipment. The class was very hands on so we all had the opportunity to make some content. He is a wealth of knowledge on how to get the best value equipment even on a budget

Oliver Richards, Filmmaker

Excellent and productive smartphone video-making workshop today with Robert Fitzhugh in Cork! Looking forward to it again 

Sarah Simcox, Teacher

Rob’s workshop was an engaging and hands-on insight into the process of filmmaking. The pupils really enjoyed creating and filming the short dramas, and the technology used was so simple that, as a teacher, I am excited at the limitless possibilities of using this tool in other curricular areas

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